Frequently Asked Questions





Where is my data stored?

Your data is fragmented and distributed across several different databases in a data center in Frankfurt am Main. We have chosen Germany as our location because the strictest data protection regulations in the world apply here.



How is my data protected?

All servers and databases are encrypted using modern technology to protect even individual data fragments from hacker attacks and unauthorized access. In addition, we use HTTPS as a tap-proof protocol, which also encrypts the data traffic between your browser and the server in both directions. Furthermore you have the possibility to activate a so-called 2FA authentication in your user account, which means that you have to enter a four-digit code, which you receive via SMS on your mobile phone, in addition to your email address and password when you log in to the system. So even someone who knows your email address and password cannot access your account.



How is my data backed up?

Our computer centre continuously carries out backups, which are stored on various media. The databases are also mirrored during operation so that no data loss can occur in the event of a technical defect.



Who has access to my data?

As long as you do not grant access yourself, no one else has access to your data. You alone are responsible for their correctness, completeness and topicality.



How can I prevent my vehicle manufacturer, car dealer, repair shop, insurance company, etc. from continuing to derive economic benefit from my data stored there?

Simply by sending an email to the respective data protection officer, whose email address you can find on the company's website, and by invoking your rights according to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Here are the most important rights in brief:

  • GDPR Chapter 3 Art. 21 - Right of objection (withdrawal of declarations of consent)
  • GDPR Chapter 3 Art. 18 - Right to restriction of processing (only storage)
  • GDPR Chapter 3 Art. 17 - Right to cancellation (or to be forgotten)
  • GDPR Chapter 3 Art. 15 - Right of information and disclosure
  • GDPR Chapter 3 Art. 19 - Obligation to inform about deletion, restriction of the processing of your personal data

Details of these rights can be found on the website of the European Commission:



Can I view the data of another user if this user agrees?

No, the system is designed in a way so that the data always remains strictly confidential and personal. This won’t change!



May I store the data of my relatives if they also use my vehicle?

In accordance with the GDPR and our data protection regulations, you must obtain prior written consent from your family members.



Can I delete my user account?

You can delete your user account at any time in the account settings. All of your data, as well as any existing analysis or offers are also automatically deleted and cannot be restored.






Is MAUD an app that you download from a store?

No, MAUD ( is a so-called WebApp, i.e. a website where the display and resolution is automatically adjusted and optimized when using mobile phones and tablets. is simply accessed in the browser like any other website and is at your disposal when you have an active internet connection.



Which browsers are supported?

Currently the following browsers are supported:

  • Google Chrome - Version 76 and younger
  • Mozilla Firefox - Version 68 and younger
  • Apple Safari - Version 12 and younger
  • Microsoft Edge - Version 40 and younger



Which operating systems are supported (only for premium members)

Premium members also receive 'MAUD Connect', an app that can be downloaded from the Apple Store or Google Play and is compatible with the following operating systems.

  • iOS - Version 12.2 and younger
  • Android - Version 6.0 and younger



Is there a special version for mobile phones and tablets?

No, MAUD is a WebApp and therefore a regular website



Can I save the website as an icon on my mobile phone or tablet for faster access?

Yes, you can do this by going to in your browser, clicking on the share icon on iOS or the menu button on Android and selecting "Add to Home Screen".





Why is registration with MAUD free of charge?

The time to rethink and act has come. We have set ourselves the goal to offer all private vehicle owners the opportunity to store and manage their data by themselves, so that they can determine and dispose of it. Everyone should get the chance to benefit from their data free of charge, dissolve unnecessary ties and enjoy the advantages of free choice in an open market with fair prices.



How can I profit from the free basic version?

If the Internet connection on your mobile phone or tablet is activated, you can access and control your protected vehicle data anytime and anywhere. You can now put your paper documents in the archive. A digital assistant also reminds you in advance of important vehicle related dates. You can also have the individual fixed costs of your vehicle calculated over a freely definable period of time and dial important telephone numbers (e.g. your insurance agent) directly.



Can I already generate income by activating my data with the free version?

Basically yes, but you have to follow some rules and conditions that are listed in the question "What conditions do I have to accept".


Do I have to pay tax on my income?

In principle, all income must be reported to the relevant tax authority. Please consult your tax advisor to find out in which form this report has to be made.



What conditions do I have to accept when I unlock data for the participating companies?

In order to prevent abuse, you must first authenticate yourself by uploading your vehicle registration document legibly with the text "copy" and fill in some mandatory fields. After a successful verification, your vehicle registration document copy will then be deleted from the system and your user account will be released for "participation in the marketplace". Note: If you unlock data points with no or incorrect information for the participating companies, the system will automatically detect and ignore them.



When can I expect income from the activation of my data?

We are still at the very beginning with this novel concept, i.e. we must work together to ensure that the platform grows as quickly as possible and that as many companies and like-minded vehicle owners as possible join us in the shortest possible time. Only then will it become interesting and profitable for all of us, vehicle owners and companies alike. We will do our very best to achieve this goal by the end of 2020.



Is access to my activated data transparent and traceable?

In your user account you can see exactly which companies have accessed when and which of your activated data and what kind of income you have generated with it.



Why is my user account blocked?

Your user account will be blocked and you will be suspended from participation in the marketplace if companies repeatedly complain about incorrect data or if the system has discovered inadequacies in connection with your data.



What is the annual income I can earn?

If enough companies and like-minded vehicle owners join in and use MAUD regularly, we expect a growing triple-digit amount per year. The more data you unlock the higher is the potential to increase your income.



Who actually pays for the provision of my data?

Although companies from the automotive environment do not pay a fee for participation, they have to pay a fee per datapoint determined by MAUD for access to your unlocked data. The prices are based on the respective value of the datapoints and are usually below the prices called up by traditional data brokers and vehicle manufacturers.



Can I dispose of my income independently?

Yes, in the user account you can see the current accumulated amount from your data income, and you can transfer a freely selected amount online to a bank account of your choice at any time via the payment service provider we have commissioned. Note: You must pay the payment service provider's transaction fees and a minimum amount of €10 must remain in your account. If you cancel your account this amount will be paid out to you.



What rules do I have to follow in order to receive a tailored offer?

According to your respective interest you have to activate the relevant data beforehand. This enables the companies concerned to determine exactly who and what kind of vehicle it is and to make you a tailored offer. Basically, it can be said that for this purpose at least your contact and vehicle data must be activated.



Am I obliged to accept an offer?

In principle, there is no obligation to accept an offer. However, in order to be fair to the participating companies and to avoid abuse, you will only receive compensation if you also accept one of the offers. The system is programmed to automatically detect this situation and will not credit you any income if you do not accept any of the offers.



How often can I request offers?

As often as you like but remember that you will only receive payment for your data if you also accept one of the offers.



How long is my request for quotation valid?

Inquiries are generally valid for 30 days and are then automatically deleted if you have not accepted any of the offers by then or if you have not received an offer from one of the participating companies by then. Note: this also means that the companies have up to 30 days to send you an offer. If you accept an offer beforehand, the process is completed at that point.



What is the procedure when I have accepted one of the offers?

The final order, payment and delivery of the product or service will take place at the respective companies with reference to the MAUD offer number.



What happens to my unlocked data?

The data activated in the MAUD system always remain there. Companies may only export anonymized data for statistical market research. Inquiries where names and addresses are displayed cannot be exported. The reports are automatically deleted by the system after 5 working days.



Which companies offer their products and services on the MAUD platform?

We are striving to ensure that all companies in the automotive environment with which we as vehicle owners have to deal in any way, e.g. garages, breakdown services, car dealerships, insurers, manufacturers, but also providers of interesting apps and online services, participate and thereby build an open market with fair prices and new customer potential.



Are there any restrictions on the number and size of participating companies?

No, we would like to achieve that especially many small and medium-sized companies, as well as startups with smaller budgets find a possibility to acquire new customers and enrich the market through their participation. Of course, this does not exclude the "big players", who are now able to conduct never-seen-before market research and benchmarking across manufacturers and countries.



Do companies have to pay a participation fee?

No, companies from the automotive environment, regardless of their size, do not pay any participation fee. We hope for a lively participation and great competition for the benefit of the vehicle owners.



Does MAUD receive a commission from the participating companies?

No, no commission payments are planned.





What is the difference between the Basic and Premium Membership?

Premium members also have the possibility to manage and use their route related data (driving data) on their own.



What additional benefits do I have as a Premium Member?

With the provision of trip-related data, premium members can quickly and independently perform previously unavailable time and cost analyses or interesting simulations that are of daily use. They also receive an "intelligent" digital assistant that works on the basis of trip data and provides cost-saving tips. Furthermore, by unlocking the trip data, e.g. cheaper insurance offers (telematics tariff) can be requested and the potential for additional income from market research and benchmarking can be increased considerably. In addition, Premium Members receive a logbook in compliance with the tax office!



Are conditions attached to a premium membership?

The Premium Membership is an annual subscription. The same conditions and rules apply as for the basic members, who activate their data in order to generate income or obtain offers from the participating companies. In addition, the technical requirements for the "MAUD Connect" app apply as already described in the "Technology" section. If your vehicle is also driven by your spouse/partner or child, you must enter their details in the section provided and obtain their written consent to the storage of the data in accordance with the GDPR and our data protection regulations. Before starting your first road trip, you will need to download the "MAUD Connect" app from the Apple Store or Google Play, authenticate yourself and connect your mobile phone via Bluetooth using the dongle provided. Your family members must also have downloaded and started "MAUD Connect" on their mobile phones. Note: While driving, the mobile phone should be placed on a stable and non-slip surface in the vehicle.



What is a dongle?

A dongle is a small, globally standardized adapter through which most of the data used here can be read from the vehicle and made available to you.



How does a dongle work?

A dongle understands the 'languages' (protocols) of the control units and sensors installed in the vehicles. The socket where the dongle is plugged in is normally used by service technicians who connect their service computers to it in order to analyze error codes or install software updates. For this reason, these dongles are also called OBD2 (Online Board Diagnosis, 2nd generation)



Will my vehicle warranty be violated by the use of the dongle?

Definitely not. Data is only read from the control units and not written back.



How and where in the vehicle is the dongle to be installed?

In almost all vehicles, the socket is located underneath the dashboard, where it is easily accessible. You simply plug in the dongle and the installation is finished. Where the socket is located in your specific vehicle you can find out via this link:



With which vehicles is the dongle compatible?

In the countries of the EU with all petrol vehicles from 2001 and diesel vehicles from 2004. In the USA with all vehicles from 1996. In Australia with all petrol vehicles from 2006 and diesel vehicles from 2007. In Canada with all vehicles from 1998. Furthermore in Mexico, Brazil and even India with all vehicles from 2006 and 2010.



How secure is the data transfer between the dongle and my mobile phone?

With the help of the dongle, the data is transferred directly and without the involvement of a third party via Bluetooth 4.0 to your mobile phone, from where it is securely placed in your account via the cloud. Note: the dongle automatically identifies whether the vehicle is identical to the one entered in the user account and refuses to record the trip data if this is not the case.



Can anyone but me see the driving data of my vehicle?

No, again, all data is private and strictly confidential and nobody else has access to it until you unlock it. However, to prevent manipulation, you cannot edit this data, but only display, evaluate and unlock it.



Do I need a special app to transfer the data from the dongle to my mobile phone?

Yes, you (and any family members) must download "MAUD Connect" from the Apple Store or Google Play and identify yourself with your regular MAUD login information (email / password). Bluetooth connection between dongle and "MAUD Connect" must be activated and the vehicle must be identical with the one entered in the user account.



What happens if I suddenly find myself in a dead spot?

The data will continue to be recorded and transferred to your user account when the Internet connection is restored.



What happens if family members are travelling with my vehicle?

Family members must have "MAUD Connect" installed on their mobile phones and connect to the dongle. In the settings in "MAUD Connect" they first choose who they are and whether the vehicle is used for this trip privately or for business. The trip data is then recorded for the respective relative. Those may then be displayed and analysed separately.



What do I have to consider when cancelling my Premium Membership?

The Premium Membership is an annual subscription that may only be cancelled at the end of a subscription year. The dongle must then be returned to the local MAUD distributor.





Can I network and exchange information with other vehicle owners?

Basically, yes. You can use the integrated messaging function for this purpose. However, no email addresses will be disclosed, and you can only network with people by searching for a specific make/model and asking the respective vehicle owner(s) for a networking confirmation.



How can companies get in contact with me?

In principle, companies cannot contact vehicle owners themselves. However, if you have sent a request for quotation and an interested company needs additional information to create a tailor-made offer, the integrated messaging function may be used for this purpose. Note: This works only if the company has already paid for the access to your data!